Who we are and what we do

THRONE ART takes pride in bringing design to life. Each of our art panels are aesthetically designed to complete the surroundings and to content the consumer. THRONE ART decorative art panels will gloriously transform the area into a serene and breathtaking atmosphere. Erkan Zarif, CEO of THRONE ART, has brought his dreams to life through one of the newest platforms in the design world; the only artist in Turkey to use decorative panels to transform space alluringly since 2014. Zarif’s art panels can be seen displayed throughout hotels in Turkey, such as Sueno Delux in Belek (Antalya) and various villas, such as Çubuklu Vadi and Etiler Sarı Konaklar in Istanbul. THRONEART’s other subsidiaries include THRONE ART Street Graffiti, specializing in urban street art, and Extreme Floor, specializing in distinct designer flooring.